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The Esports Healthcare stream will include educational segments from our healthcare team: Dr. Corey, Dr. Jordon, and Dr. Dan, as well as gaming from our former-professional gamer, Kamron "QuinN."

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Healthcare providers for your events

Chiropractic adjustments

Decrease pain, improve motor function, and improve reaction time

Manual therapy & massage

Relieve muscle tension and decrease pain

Injury rehabilitation

Diagnosis and treatment of video game-related injuries & ailments

Nutrition advice

Expert advice in diet, nutrition, and supplements

Injury prevention

Protection from most common injuries in gaming

Wellness education

Experts beyond healthcare, we'll help you live well

Recent blog posts from Esports Healthcare

Gaming fatigue and gaming burnout

Gaming fatigue: how to prevent burnout and save your career

February 29, 2020

The incredible popularity of the video game industry is undeniable—from streaming online to competing in esports and all the careers involved in between. Unfortunately, along with the booming popularity comes the detriments—one of which is called gaming fatigue or gaming burnout.

Dr. Corey's workout

Dr. Corey’s Workout – destroy the gamer stereotypes

February 15, 2020

My workout routine is a seven-day split routine with a specific goal of building well-proportioned muscle mass and visible muscle separation. In other words, it’s a bodybuilding routine.

Gamer Guide Podcast

Gamer Guide Podcast: your #1 resource for healthy gaming

February 9, 2020

On Wednesdays at 8pm EST, we will host the Gamer Guide Podcast by Esports Healthcare, our weekly live stream on Twitch to speak directly with you about all things health, wellness, and gaming!

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