Exercise Programs

Gold exercise programs

Starting at $40*

The Gold exercise program includes:

  • A work out routine for total body movement (at home or the gym)
  • Written and video samples of the exercises

*Prices may vary based on the amount of detail included.

Diamond exercise programs

Starting at $100*

The Diamond exercise program includes:

  • A consult with one of our fitness experts
  • A comprehensive workout plan (i.e. multiple days, training different body parts)
  • One follow-up consult to discuss and make changes, if necessary
  • Detailed exercise breakdown with video

*Prices may vary based on the amount of detail included.

Exercise improves all aspects of your life, even gaming.

Exercise improves neural stimulation and motor control, improves blood flow to the brain and muscles, and decreases health risks associated with prolonged sitting and small, repetitive movements. Esports Healthcare provides plans for home exercise and for the gym.

Weight Management

Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight, an appropriate exercise plan will help you with your goals.

Fitness & Body Goals

Increase strength, build muscle, decrease body fat, or achieve any other fitness or body goals with Esports Healthcare exercise plans.

Health & Wellness

Prolonged sitting and limited mobility can cause significant health problems. Even simple exercises can reverse these risks.

Personalized Exercise Programs

Regardless of your goals, Esports Healthcare has an expert for you. Our staff are healthcare and fitness professionals who specialize in weight loss, bodybuilding, general health, yoga, and more. Contact us today for your personalized exercise program to help achieve your fitness & wellness goals goals.

Prices may vary.

Resistance training

Resistance training includes weights, bands, or body weight to challenge and develop muscle.

Cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise improves the function of your heart and blood flow throughout your body.

Stretching & mobility

Stretches and mobility exercises improve your body mechanics and help prevent injury.

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