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Increase postural awareness with Upright

Posture & ergonomics are among the most important factors for your health as a gamer. The positions in which you hold and move your body will most certainly affect your long-term health, particularly with physical ailments and many other gaming injuries.

Posture is the foundation of our education for gamer health & wellness as well as injury prevention, and we want to increase your postural awareness to keep you safe. You can read all about the risks of poor posture and a “more appropriate” seated posture on our posture education page.

Postural awareness & correction

As physical health care professionals, we want to offer safe, effective ways to improve your postural awareness and maintain the healthiest possible body position.

As with any effort to create a change in your body’s habits, there are two ways to directly affect the way you hold your body position. These two techniques are passive correction or active correction.

Postural awareness with Upright

Passive postural correction

The term “passive” indicates that you are not in control of the action. Rather, there is an external action to illicit a response. For postural correction and maintenance, the most common passive corrections are slings, harnesses, or braces.

These devices correct errors in posture and create an outside support for maintaining more optimal positions. This type of postural correction, unfortunately, creates more problems than it solves.

With passive correction, your body is being held in position by an external force. When this occurs, your muscles do not need to help, and they become less active in the maintenance of your body position.

When you remove the corrective device (the sling, harness, or brace), your gamer posture may be even worse with the deactivation of the appropriate muscles.

Active postural correction

The term “active” indicates that you are in control of the action. There is no external force, and your own body is what will illicit a response. For postural correction & maintenance, active correction means activating your muscles.

chin tuck exercise
The chin tuck exercise is an example of active postural correction

Active postural correction, along with some additional active (and some passive) therapies, is a more beneficial correction that will provide lasting benefit without the use of external devices.

For gamers, we were not interested in passive postural corrections. Instead, we were in search of a trusted, active postural correction so gamers can experience long lasting results. And, we found it…

Increase postural awareness with Upright

We are excited to announce our partnership with Upright, an active postural correction device that’s easy to use and incredibly effective.

The Upright GO is a small, light weight device that is placed between your shoulder blades, either stuck with adhesive or hung by a necklace. Placed on your back, the device will monitor your body position.

If you slouch forward, the device detects this deviation from a neutral, upright position. With the “training” setting activated, the device will vibrate when you slouch forward, alerting you to pull your shoulders back and down to keep your body upright.

Better gamer posture with Upright

Thus, Upright GO is an active postural correction device, simply alerting you when you slouch, thereby improving your postural awareness. Over time, these reminders will help you form a healthier habit—the habit of improved posture.

What’s involved?

Upright GO ships with the device, a charger, and (if you buy it) a necklace attachment. It also comes with alcohol wipes and adhesives if you choose to stick the device to you back.

The only other item you’ll need is a smart phone with location access. You can download the Upright GO app on iOS or Android. The location service is only required to sync the device. After syncing your smart phone with your GO device, you can turn off location services, if you wish.

The Upright GO app guides you through the steps for setup and use. You simply need to sync your device, choose training mode or tracking mode, and you’re good to go!

The difference between modes is the alert system. In training mode, if your posture deviates too far from neutral, the device will vibrate to alert you. In tracking mode, the device simply monitors your posture and gives you the results.

upright go app

Do you need it?

If you’re like most gamers, your posture could use some work. At Esports Healthcare, we’re no exception. During hours spent gaming, streaming, or working at a PC, many of us tend to lose focus on our position and begin to slouch forward.

So, we decided to give Upright a try. They sent a device to test it out, and I was amazed at how frequently my posture became unfavorable. With the Upright device and training mode activated, I was getting the vibration alert pretty frequently.

After a few minutes of constant reminders, I found myself holding a better position. For someone who teaches posture to others, I didn’t perform as well as I had hoped.

Ultimately, without objective data and reminders, your posture may not be as good as you think. Certainly, mine wasn’t. This is why I support Upright and accepted this partnership. I elected to partner with Upright because it works, and I’ll certainly continue to use it when I’m gaming.

Click Here to get started on your postural improvement journey!

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