Power-Up Posture

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Power-Up Posture

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What’s inside?

Education, exercises, and stretches to correct and strengthen your posture

✓ 5 pages of posture education
✓ 3 levels of program design
✓ 21 exercises & stretches

What’s the big deal?

Poor posture is destroying your body

Power-Up Posture is an exercise and stretch program designed to counter the ill-effects of prolonged sitting—more specifically—the ill-effects of prolonged sitting with poor posture.

Learn more about common ailments below

Sitting for extended periods of time puts your body in an unfavorable position. In response, some muscles will become hypertonic (tight). Other muscles will become inhibited (weak).

Fortunately, Power-Up Posture is a comprehensive program to stretch and relax hypertonic muscles and to stimulate activation and strengthening of inhibited muscles.

Through participation of this program, you can effectively prevent these muscular imbalances and reduce pain associated with prolonged sitting and poor posture.

Power-Up Posture

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