Trigger Finger (Stenosing Tenosynovitis)

This a more severe condition that can occur if appropriate steps are not taken to prevent or reverse tenosynovitis. This condition is irreversible with conservative treatments such as stretching, exercise, and supplements. If your develop stenosing tenosynovitis, surgery will be the only option to release the tension and resolve the issue.

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What is trigger finger?

Trigger finger is a condition is characterized by inflammation and progressive thickening of the sheath (or “synovium”) that surrounds tendons. For gamers, this can occur in the flexor tendons on the front of the forearm, hand, and fingers. The tendon sheath thickening will eventually lead to restricted movement.

If progressive tenosynovitis is untreated, it will lead to a complete inability to open the fingers (a flexion deformity known as a flexion contracture), where the finger(s) are stuck in flexed or bent position—even with the assistance of the other hand.

Symptoms of trigger finger

Gamers affected by trigger finger will experience symptoms similar to tenosynovitis. Pain, swelling and tightness are commonly noted in the front (palm side) of the forearm, wrist, hand and fingers making it difficult and more painful to open the hand comfortably.

Additional symptoms include increased pain while gaming and swelling in the fingers, palm or front of the wrist. More specific to stenosing tenosynovitis, the fingers may be completely stuck and unable to open. This is a flexion contracture and the trademark symptom of trigger finger.

Note: if you have these symptoms AND a fever, this may be indicative of an infection. If you experience this, you should consult a doctor immediately or visit the emergency room.

Treatment & prevention

As an inflammatory condition, anti-inflammatory foods, supplements, and using ice on the area may help decrease inflammation and improve pain and other symptoms. However, if you have developed the flexion contracture in one or more fingers, anti-inflammatory measures will not reverse the inability to extend the finger(s).

Prevention includes anti-inflammatory diet & supplements along with simple exercises and stretches. Treatment, unfortunately, requires surgery to release flexion contracture.

Contact us for a home exercise plan and/or a customized diet including supplement recommendations.

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