Performance Program

Coordination & dexterity

This program will improve finger speed, coordination, and dexterity—skills that are not specific to one single game but will certainly improve your gameplay.

Watch the performance program video:

What’s involved?

9 exercises to improve your ability to use your hands

✓ Finger speed
✓ Coordination
✓ Dexterity

Gamer warm-up

The skills of a magician

In order to create the best program to improve coordination & dexterity, Esports Healthcare turned to the people who do it best—professional magicians. Many of the exercises in this program are used by close-up magicians who perform mind-blowing sleight of hand right before your eyes.

The Performance Program Routine

Quarter roll

This drill is particularly useful for PC gamers to improve the coordination & dexterity required for their use of keyboard and mouse.

However, console gamers will still benefit from improved coordination & dexterity for triggers, bumpers, and paddles.

Performance program

Ring roll

Another drill for PC gamers to improve the coordination & dexterity required for their use of keyboard and mouse.

But again, console games will absolutely experience improved gameplay from mastering this drill.

Pen twirl

Different than the quarter or ring roll, this drill will target the coordination of three fingers at a time to successfully complete.

Finger opposition patterns

This drill incorporate thumb opposition along with finger flexion—an incredibly important movement used in console gaming for joystick control.

However, PC gamers should not ignore this drill; being able to coordinate finger flexion is important for pressing keys and mouse buttons!

Finger abduction patterns

The abduction movement of the fingers is used in both PC and console gaming—whether pressing keys or mouse buttons or triggers, bumpers, paddles, or clawing the controller buttons.

Finger circles

The most important part of this drill will be thumb circles for console gamers—mimicking joystick movements.

However, the finger circles will improve overall coordination of movement of each hand, and this is a valuable skill for all gamers.

Finger crossing, single hand

The finger crossing drill will improve overall coordination & dexterity of the hands, independent of one another.

This is an important skill to master for both PC and console players since mirrored hand movements are uncommon in gaming.

Finger crossing, palms together

Coordination & speed are the goal for this drill. Improving finger speed is important for both PC and console gamers.

Tabletop finger lift

So many exercises focus on the flexion or closing of the fingers. This drill targets the extension or opening of the fingers, one at a time.

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