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Re-introducing Esports Healthcare: your #1 resource for healthy gaming

Esports Healthcare, LLC was officially founded on June 13, 2017 with aspirations to bring health & wellness to gaming & esports.

We wanted to educate gamers about common injuries & ailments, teach prevention & rehabilitation, and treat gamers at competitive events.

We’ve changed some things since introducing ourselves three years ago, so we’re re-introducing Esports Healthcare!

We continue to bring health & wellness to gaming & esports, and we’re working hard to provide the most valuable information for your gaming career.

What we offer

Every day, we’re working to provide all the information you want and need to stay healthy in your gaming career.

Posture education

Gaming posture is incredibly important considering the amount of time gamers spend in seated positions. Fortunately, gaming posture has become a hot topic in esports and in the gaming industry, in general.

Many health care professionals, gamers, and organizations are trying to bring awareness to the importance of body mechanics during long hours of practicing, streaming, or competing.

Visit our page on posture and learn how you could be ruining your career simply by the way you sit.

Warm-up routine

Performing a warm-up is important prior to any physical activity, and gaming is no different!

A good warm-up will make you feel loose and ready to play. A great warm-up will elevate your game play by mirroring the movements of your performance.

Our gamer warm-up routine is a comprehensive, dynamic movement routine that targets all the muscles and joints involved in gaming—both PC and console—that will help take your skills to the next level.

Additionally, our gamer warm-up includes three exercises to warm-up the muscles of your eyes to keep you vigilant and keep your eyes healthy.

Check out the Esports Healthcare gamer warm-up

Hand, wrist, and forearm stretches

Performing a cooldown with stretches is important following any physical activity, and gaming is no different!

A good cooldown will make you feel relaxed. A great cooldown will initiate your body’s healing process and help to prevent injury in your future.

Our gamer stretches routine is a comprehensive, static stretch routine that targets the muscles and joints involved in gaming—both PC and console—that will help you recover and limit your risk for injury.

Check out the Esports Healthcare gamer stretches routine

Injury prevention

Gamers are at risk for developing many injuries or ailments throughout their careers. The majority of risk for gamers takes place in the forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers—including the muscles, tendons, joints, and nerves.

For these conditions, we have created an injury prevention program, a comprehensive routine to drastically reduce the risk of developing any of these conditions.

This program was developed by our health care professionals with experience in injury diagnosis rehabilitation in the fields of chiropractic, physical therapy, and athletic training.

Check out the Esports Healthcare injury prevention program

Common video game injuries

Unfortunately, the nature of gaming creates an incredible risk for injury or other ailments. Repetitive strain injuries are among the most common, but gamers may also face eye strain, nerve impingement syndromes, postural syndromes, and headaches.

Fortunately, all of these ailments are preventable! There is no physical condition that is unavoidable.

We have created a small library of the most common injuries and ailments that may occur in your gaming career:

Re-introducing Esports Healthcare

For most of these ailments, we have described all important information in tremendous detail:

  • Background
  • Pertinent anatomy
  • Pathophysiology
  • Signs & symptoms
  • Common mechanism(s) of injury
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation

Educational blog

In addition to our programs and injury library, we also touch upon anything health & wellness related through our educational blog.

This blog may include health & wellness topics beyond gaming. Check back to learn what’s new with Esports Healthcare.

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